Thursday, October 27, 2011

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  All our estimations about the Electric Cars and their adoption rates will be proven wrong in the end. It have happened with all technology, we can not really predict the future here. We can only estimate the trend. And here is another reason to move to Electrification of our transportation - Clean Air. When you have it - you never need it. Just the look at the picture from Beijing tells you why China is so anxious to move fast in the electric cars space. Question is not only about survival economically in the Peak Oil environment, but about surviving physically in our mega cities and China will have majority of them on its soil very soon. 
  In addition to all the factors affecting Electric Cars and their adoption rate: range, price and availability of charging stations - we have another very powerful force - right for the Clean Air. There is very simple, but often overlooked fact about Electric Cars and urban mobility: that all mega cities are very common in one - traffic jams, where thousand of cars are spending hours moving by inches, but still polluting the air. Electric Cars are not wasting any energy or emit any additional pollution in this case.

"Lithium Charge: Beijing to Build 42,000 Electric Car Charging Posts Within 5 Years
  China is moving fast into the Electric space despite all the gloom and doom in the markets these days. Not everything will be smooth, but technology and underlining demand to get rid of Oil dependence will drive this process forward."

"Lithium Charge: CCID Consulting Releases the White Paper for Mapping of China’s Lithium Ion Industry (2011)
  We have very interesting report on development of Lithium industry in China as part of the strategic  New-Energy Automobile Industries in China's 12th Five Year Plan. Lithium batteries and materials industry is at the heart of this transition to the electric cars and is growing very rapidly in China now. Report expects the fast growth in this sector in China, when security of Lithium supply will be crucial for further developments.

  We are following here International Lithium Corp. - Canadian junior Lithium developer with strategic partner from China - Ganfeng Lithium, which is mentioned in the report as well. Company has announced the extensive exploration program in Canada and will start its work on Mariana Lithium brine  project in Argentina this Fall."


"Beijing to waive license plate lottery for electric vehicles

By Eric Loveday
Posted Oct 27th 2011

Here's an electric vehicle perk that might prompt some Chinese consumers to go electric: elimination of Beijing's restrictive license plate lottery.

Officials in Beijing are reportedly discussing a scheme that will allow electric vehicle owners to bypass the city's license plate lottery system. This move would allow owners of electric vehicles to immediately register their rides instead of playing the odds with Beijing's lottery scheme. Last time we checked, the odds of registering a vehicle in Beijing were 23 to 1, meaning that most applicants could not legally drive their vehicles on public roads.

By eliminating the lottery system for electric vehicles, Beijing hopes to encourage the purchase of battery-powered automobiles. And, as we see it, those officials are probably on the right track. Word is Beijing will, until further notice, allow unrestricted purchasing and registering of electric vehicles. So, for those who have missed out on the city's lottery drawings, going electric ensures them that they'll be able to register their own rides for around-town transport.

News Source: Environment News Service

Image Credit: Poeloq - C.C. License 2.0"
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