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  BYD was going through the rough terrain this year and has attracted a lot of bad press. Now it seems that the company is gaining its footing again and even move into the US market. It is the truly symbolic move and Warren Buffet is backing this company. BYD Electric Cars are not ready yet to be sold in U.S., but finally are going on sale tomorrow in China, according to the report from China Car Times below.

"Pike Research's analysis indicates that nearly half the demand for Li-ion transportation batteries is likely to come from Asia, led primarily by China, while Europe and the United States are likely to constitute 25% and 21% shares of the world market, respectively."

  China will be the crucial market for the Electric Cars mass adoption. We will monitor the progress of BYD in US and China.

Lithium Drive: Warren Buffett: "In not many years, you are going to see a clear change towards Electric Cars"

 "Warren Buffett first pronounced in November 2009: "In 20 years, all cars on the road will be electric" Now we can hear his call on Electric Cars from the Master himself. He has invested in BYD - Chinese auto maker and Lithium battery company, which promise to bring its Electric Cars to U.S. BYD has made later investment in Lithium producer in China. We are in a very good company with our Lithium Dreamz."

Lithium Drive: Test driving the BYD F3DM Chinese plug-in hybrid electric vehicle 

"BYD was slow to roll out its Electric Cars in China and in U.S. - company was hit with lawsuits in China and sales at the low end of expectations for its conventional vehicles. Now these cars are coming to U.S. and we guess that they have already passed strict U.S. safety regulations. It could be a tipping point for this automaker. Even if they will not take North American market by storm the huge Chinese market will be BYD playground.

"Now Chinese BYD  backed by Warren Buffett moves to secure supply of Lithium. It looks like every major lithium end user would like to participate in Lithium mining company to ensure supply of this strategic commodity. As you can guess, there is not so many Lithium developers left to chose from."


BYD launches US headquarters

By Ariel Tung (China Daily)

Los Angeles City Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa presents a certificate to BYD Chairman Wang Chuanfu at the grand opening of BYD's North American headquarters in downtown Los Angeles on Monday. Wang Jun / China Daily
LOS ANGELES / NEW YORK - Alternative energy automaker BYD launched its United States headquarters in Los Angeles on Monday.
BYD, which stands for "Build Your Dreams", aims to create 150 jobs in the second-largest American city. Its downtown Los Angeles site will focus on marketing, sales, technical support and product design for the company's environmentally friendly vehicles, solar panels and battery storage stations.
BYD, who has financial backing from Warren Buffett's investment firm Berkshire Hathaway and is based in Shenzhen, sells electric vehicles in China and produces its own battery technology. It employs more than 200,000 workers worldwide.
The company topped the Businessweek Technology 100 list last year and was ranked by the publication as the eighth most innovative company in the world.
In Los Angeles, Shenzhen Mayor Xu Qin signed a series of agreements with city leaders to expand alternative energy education and research efforts.
"Shenzhen is an economic powerhouse and green technology leader in China," Xu said. "Our partnerships with Los Angeles area leaders will greatly amplify each of our efforts toward a global green future."
Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa said BYD's new US headquarters is the latest sign that the city is a growing hub of clean-technology jobs.
"We see BYD's Los Angeles opening as a catalyst that will usher in good jobs, global investment, and a more sustainable future," he said.
At the ceremony, the company also announced a partnership with Hertz Car Rental to provide the first long-range all-electric eBUS shuttle from Los Angeles International Airport to Hertz' rental car facilities. BYD will focus on its electric buses for now, although it has plans to bring in electric vehicles like its e6 sports utility crossover to the US public, according to blogdowntown.com, a community news website for downtown Los Angeles.
Qiu Shaofang, consul general of the People's Republic of China to Los Angeles, Berkshire Hathaway's Vice-Chairman Charlie Munger, and Bill Allen, president of the Los Angeles Economic Development Corp, attended the ceremony.
Xu, who is currently touring the US to meet with American business and government leaders, will be in New York City on Wednesday and Thursday. He is expected to meet with New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and sign a series of Shenzhen-US business development agreements. There will be a celebration of the joint venture of BYD and Hertz on Thursday afternoon in Manhattan, followed by a dinner hosted by BYD that evening.

BYD E6 to be on sale from tomorrow

BYD are preparing to offer the E6 electric sedan to private buyers as of tomorrow according to media reports, the Shenzhen based company have already had the car out testing in taxi ranks for several months now to evaluate the cars performance from a passengers and also a drivers point of view. The road testing indicated that the original car had several issues with regards to comfort that the company have addressed with the new updated version which is known as the E6B. The E6B still weighs 2300kg which seems awfully heavy for a crossover vehicle, but remember that the iron based batteries are not likely to be the lightest but the motors provide 450Nm of torque which is more than enough to move the E6.
Chinese media are still reporting that the E6 will be able to go for 240-300km on a single charge thanks to BYD’s own self developed iron based batteries, top speed will be around 140kph and an 80% charge can be reached in 15 minutes.
The E6 will be the first mass marketed electric car available in China and comes ahead of the Nissan Leaf and Chevrolet Volt, both of which will launch in China this year or early 2012."
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