Sunday, September 04, 2011

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  Electric Cars are not toys any more: they are powerful, built to the highest safety standards and they are coming on our roads now. These summer months we had a splash of very negative news on Electric Cars front from the old claims that they are "dirty' to the safety issues and the major topic - limited range. 
  We will not argue with non-believers - whatever their own agenda might be - we are here advocating for Electric Cars as the only viable technology today to make the Energy Transition possible and investing heavily in the Next Big Thing via strategic commodities: Lithium and Rare Earths.

"We have some action happening with international Lithium Corp. today. Stock was traded on the highest volume after its IPO. Mavis Lake Lithium and Tantalum project is under drill now and company talks about two more drill programs to be underway on its new website. Moose in Canada is a lithium past producer and located in the proximity of Avalon Metals Thor lake deposit and Mariana Lithium and Potash Brine project in Argentina is the major crown in company's portfolio."
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