Friday, October 21, 2011

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  We have a great endorsement for the Electric Cars from FOX as usual...All recent mass media cry about Electric Cars which are not selling, polluting and ugly in general; makes us think that they are coming even faster than we have expected. Kerosene lights must be providing the long shadows for these kind of EV haters - this technology will not be stopped - it is happening and it is happening right now.
  Just look across the pond, where UK is the front runner for all the monetary QE experiments. Recent QE program was announced just couple of weeks ago and petrol prices there are at the record high now. The ugly truth is that there is simply no more cheap Oil left around. Are you still horrified by 4 dollars per gallon - try UK with 8 dollars per gallon prices now!

Lithium Charge: Northeast states form electric vehicle network

"And here comes the infrastructure for the Electric Cars. Future developments by Nissan and Toyota are pointing to the real mass market for the Electric Cars in the next five - ten years, but EV will be gaining market share very fast even now with these kind of developments. Time is to check your Lithium holdings now - news from Europe can suggest that the end of the world will be postponed and Oil will resume its uptrend very soon. UK - the front runner of all QE experiments - is running the record breaking Inflation now of 5.1% and gas prices are at the level of £1.35 or 8 US Dollars per gallon!"
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