Monday, October 24, 2011

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This is an October unveiling ceremony on City of Tampa Television (CTTV) about the 17 new electric vehicle charging stations. This segment was produced by Brian Sullivan.

  Electric Cars - It is happening, it is happening now all across America.

Lithium Charge: Northeast states form electric vehicle network

  "And here comes the infrastructure for the Electric Cars. Future developments by Nissan and Toyota are pointing to the real mass market for the Electric Cars in the next five - ten years, but EV will be gaining market share very fast even now with these kind of developments. Time is to check your Lithium holdings now - news from Europe can suggest that the end of the world will be postponed and Oil will resume its uptrend very soon. UK - the front runner of all QE experiments - is running the record breaking Inflation now of 5.1% and gas prices are at the level of £1.35 or 8 US Dollar per gallon!"

Lithium Drive: How to get off Oil: The State of Electric Vehicles in America

 "Something very important is happening these days in the Electric Car space. Electric Cars are moving from the Stage One - "Nobody notice and knows about it" to the Stage Two - "It is the Real Threat and we are better to deal with it right now". Everybody has the right to hate, but it looks like some has this right more than others and this right is well greased. Why somebody is so worried? Is it because Plug In Day was organised in more than 28 cities all across US with thousands of people taking part and it is with ONLY two models of electric cars on the market with still very limited supply? Is it because charging stations are mushrooming all across the country and Wall Street Journal complains about it? Is it because Chevy Volt and Nissan Leaf will be finally available in all markets in US by the end of the year? Or the matter to be worried now is that the next QEn+1 is coming and the price of Oil to be going up again? Maybe it is the coming twenty models of Plug In carsto be released next year? Or - we will throw the last one and you can continue - maybe it is the technological progress: with Tesla Model S coming next year with 300 miles range and Toyota announcing the lithium battery with 1,000 km miles range per charge by 2015 with Nissan working on 10 minute charger for the electric cars?"

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