Wednesday, July 14, 2010

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Chinese Electric Bikes output surpassed 20 mil in 2007. They were not all with Lithium ion batteries and they were not as nice as this Electric scooter below, but trend in Asia for personal mobility in the form of scooters or bikes is unmistakeably exponentially up. With players like Yamaha entering the market we can expect a better quality and range with Lithium ion technology. It will be a nice additional drive to our Lithium Demand picture.

"China’s new rebates for electric vehicles in five large cities put the world on notice that the economic Goliath wants to clean its filthy air and curb its appetite for imported oil.
Chinese consumers receive $8,800 off an all-electric car, or $7,320 off a plug-in hybrid. Chinese consumers have shunned first-generation gas-electric hybrids because they cost nearly twice as much as gas-engine equivalents."

Yamaha Goes Green With New Electric Scooter
Written by Taryn Kukucka
Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Everywhere we turn motorcycle manufacturers keep designing electric motorcycles. Now Yamaha seems to be jumping on the green bandwagon too with their “smart minimal commuter” EC-03.

The zero-emission green scooter has a lithium iron battery pack provided by Sanyo Electric Co., a subsidiary of Panasonic Corp. Riders can get a single recharge from a regular socket for a maximum cruising of 27 miles. For right now engineers suggest not pushing it past 15 miles though, which makes the scooter helpful in shorter city commutes.

Yamaha plans on investing $70 million from now until 2012 in an effort to bring affordable green bike technology to different areas. This and their half-century experience with two wheelers will be the driving force that will take Yamaha to the top of the electric bike market.

The EC-03 debuts in Tokyo this September, and will set you back about $2,700. So far, there are no plans to release the scooter to the U.S. market, but overseas sales will be the barometer for future domestic distribution. So if you’re looking for a trendy way to save the earth, and you happen to be relocating to Tokyo, keep your eyes and ears out for the EC-03."
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