Thursday, October 27, 2011

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Renault Ireland held test drive sessions for the Kangoo ZE and Fluence ZE in summer 2011. This allowed the motoring press and public experience what it is like to drive a Renault electric vehicle. We recorded their reactions.

  Renault promises us tomorrow The Electric Revolution - we are looking forward to it and you can check today Renault Fluence driving test.

Lithium Drive: All-electric Renault Fluence Z.E. saloon delivers quiet and relaxed zero-emissions driving at a sensible price

"Renault talks about The Electric Revolution in 3 days and we think that Renault business model with lease of the lithium batteries will be the game changer in the electric cars market space. Can Europe lead the way in the electric cars space? By all means - if you consider the price of gas at over $8 per gallon in UK now.

Lithium Drive: Renault Z.E.: Putting An End To The Myths About Electric Cars

"Renault is moving forward with its Electric Revolution to be unveiled in the next couple of weeks. The company has produced the great documentary about Electric Cars and will launch its new marketing scheme with leasing Lithium batteries instead of selling them. It will be the game changer in the Electric space. Innovative approach allows to sell EVs at the price of the similar car with ICE, when lease payments for the battery and payments for the electricity will be less than the gas bills. All the Green credits are yours as the  difference, when the Oil price will continue its rise. The very important issues of the Lithium battery reliability, warranty and upgrade will be taken out of the customer decision process - Renault will manage your Lithium battery for you. It is simple, but very logical and powerful solution and will make mass market for Electric Cars reality. We do never pay for the gas upfront - why should we pay to drive Electric?
  Visit Renault Z.E website for the interactive information board:"

Challenge Bibendum 2011
The Challenge Bibendum tests and rewards the best eco-friendly automobile technology. Who took first place on the podium in the 2011 event? Renault Fluence Z.E….
Fluence Z.E. was faster than a powerful electric roadster… The car was acclaimed for its exemplary manoeuvrability, its time on the test circuit and its energy efficiency (covering 215km without recharging).
Fluence Z.E.’s entire well-to-wheel CO2 output was also recognised with an award (it was much lower than that of a hybrid vehicle). And the car received a design award for the best integration of battery charging solutions in the vehicle. Fluence Z.E. has set a tough precedent…
Do you know that 2011 October, 28 is an essential issue in car history?"

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