Sunday, August 28, 2011

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  Europe is moving fast into the Electric space and Germany is at the forefront of renewable energy and sustainability movement now. German automakers were holding back on hybrid technology being heavily invested into Hydrogen and "Clean Diesel" technologies - now they are catching up with Electric Cars. Peak Oil is not the mystery over there and German military research made its Peak Oil observations public last year. 
  German start up - DBM Energy - has made a lot of noise this year with potentially disruptive technology and its Lithium Metal Polymer battery promising Energy Storage breakthrough  and impressive range for the Electric.


  "Lithium and Rare Earths: Aljazeera: The global race to grab a share of rare earth metals in Central Asia has begun.  We have another article from Aljazeera on the Energy Transition issues we are following here, which is widely quoted on the social web these days. The previous one was about Peak Oil and looming shortage of available Oil Supply with growing Demand in the emerging world. This time we have an opinion on Strategic Metals and Critical Materials for the Energy Transition. It is the case when who is righting is more important than the depth of the research on the subject: Rare Elements, Rare Metals (including Lithium) and Critical Materials are all mixed together. The wide spread quoting of the article will spur more interest on this crucial subject and potential investors will find plenty information in depth on all these  different investment opportunities on the web these days.
  For us it is an another sign that we are close to the next move up in the sector. There will be more and more wide spread realisation by the general public that our Energy diet is unsustainable and - if the world is not going to collapse in the stone age under the weight of mismanaged Debt - we will have to move into the post carbon world. It will be the painful transition, but without it economic collapse is inevitable - the only remedy for the debt reduction left is via currency debasing and it will bring inflation and higher energy prices.
  This transition, on another hand, will bring the new Bull market, which will be larger than the Internet in late 90s and will affect everybody on our planet. We are covering some of the ideas how to survive the transition and participate in this new Bull on this blog."

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