Friday, April 01, 2011

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  Rolls-Royce weights 2.5 ton and it is like a moving lab for testing the lithium batteries and electric motors. This experiment will be interesting not only from the technological point of view, but from the consumer demand as well. People occupying this kind of cars will be the last ones to be concerned about fuel bills, but they can be concerned with their image and environment - so we will see where will it lead us here.
  One thing is for certain: if Rolls-Royce has to take notice about electric cars and even produce these prototypes - the stakes in Electric Car space are getting higher and according to HSBC oil will be gone in 50 years time anyway.

"We will not care if Warren Buffett is right and all cars will be Electric in twenty years time, but we need to put a lot of things together to survive this transition and keep our lifestyle affordable in the West. This warning from HSBC this time is one of the many and with ongoing another Peak Oil in Libya all investors should take notice.

  Progress in the West so far is very slow - now Japan tragedy will bring its toll to this development, but it can also provide opportunity for the new players to enter Lithium Batteries and Electric Cars markets. Diversity and secure supply of all food chain for the Electric Cars will be the priority now, starting with Lithium and Rare Earths."
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