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International Lithium IPO: Ganfeng Lithium To Establish Subsidiary for The Production Of Lithium Ion Batteries tnr.v, czx.v, alk.ax, lmr.v, tsla, rm.v, nup.ax, srz.ax, usa.ax, jnn.v, abn.v, res, mcp, avl.to, quc.v, cee.v, sqm, fmc, roc, li.v, wlc.v, clq.v, lit, nsany, byddf, gm, dai, rno.pa, hev, aone, vlnc

"Lithium Investments: Richard Mills: Strategic Investor For International Lithium. The story of TNR Gold and its IPO for International Lithium slowly moves into the market place, it is still hardly on the radar screens, but people like Richard Mills are following it for a while. Richard was one of the first following Lithium story and we have discussed here quite a few of his articles. His "Lithium ABCs" is the Lithium 101 investment guide in this sector. He was covering the names we have discussed in The Energy Report: Lithium Powers The Green Revolutionlong before they have become fashionable in the market place."

  TNR Gold has found a very aggressive and active strategic partner in Lithium space for its International Lithium IPO. After ten years in production of Lithium materials Ganfeng Lithium is moving into the Lithium Ion Batteries production as well. Now we can see how this Chinese company is building the hole in-house  supply value chain for the Lithium Ion batteries. Company has just recently announced that it is taking the strategic stake in International Lithium IPO - spin out form TNR Gold and now we have this news about the Lithium Ion Battery company.

  Company has access to the capital in China and Chinese State level plan for the Electric Cars will ensure strong growth in this sector. International Lithium should benefit now from the aggressive development program in order to supply Lithium for the Ganfeng production facilities.

   "Jiangxi Ganfeng Lithium Co information from Reuters. Here is moreinformation from the company website. Now we know the name of Strategic Investor buying into International Lithium IPO. Record date - before which all shareholders are entitled to ILC shares and warrants - to be set shortly. International Lithium Corp. has secured for its IPO one of the leading Chinese lithium products manufacturer. Kirill Klip - the major shareholder and controlling person in TNR Gold will participate in IPO as well.
   Ganfeng Lithium is a well known in China leading producer of advanced lithium materials, including for the Primary and Secondary batteries. It was listed in August 2010 on Shenzhen stock exchange in China, by the way its IPO was up 200% on the first day of trading.
Industrial Minerals published an article on Ganfeng Lithium

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Ganfeng Lithium To Establish Subsidiary

April 19 – Jiangxi Ganfeng Lithium (002460) plans to invest 15 million yuan from capital raised in its initial public offering to form a company to make lithium ion batteries, reports Shanghai Securities News, citing a company filing.

The proposed firm will manage the construction of a secondary lithium pile production facility.

The company will contribute 15 million yuan in cash to have a 75-percent stake in the firm while five individual investors will hold the remaining interest, worth five million yuan."

Ganfeng Lithium also plans to use 120 million yuan to build a lithium salts factory with capacity 10,000 tons each year."
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