Sunday, April 24, 2011

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  Canada will be the very important place to watch evolution of consumers in mobility market and how fast they will be ready to embrace Electric Cars. It will be the very important test ground for marketing and engineering teams at the electric auto makers. 

   Cold winters will make the additional challenge for technology, which will be overcomed, but abundance of Oil and long distances could put a mental block on the future customers. Hopefully, politicians are now getting it and supporting the movement - ironically Gas prices at the pump are rising steadily even in Canada now.

  Ontario with its cheap electricity will be otherwise the ideal place for the Electrification of the transportation and this region can play a very important role in creating the full supply chain for Electric Cars. There are production facilities of automakers in the region already, battery makers are building plants just across the boarder in U.S. and Ontario is the home to Lithium developers, which will be producing this strategic commodity in the future.

  "The 3rd Lithium Supply and Markets conference was held in January this year in Toronto. It was very interesting to find out that actually Hard Rock source of Lithium is of great interest to many Chinese companies. They have built facilities using the cheap source of state based financing and, according to some sources, have a lot of spare capacity without secured supply of Lithium spodumene.  12th 5-year plan in China announced that Electric Cars will become the strategic industry and China has very high ambitions to become the largest producer of Lithium Batteries and Electric Cars in the world. Galaxy from Australia was very vocal at the conference about increasing demand for this Lithium bearing mineral from China and now Talison is moving forward with its expansion program after recent financing."
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