Monday, April 18, 2011

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  Will we be able to compete with Asia in the end in Electric Cars space? New Electric Cars are coming on the market now and we have good news from BMW Active E today - company will be leasing these electric cars later this year. Leasing means they will be still expensive, but we need to start somewhere.

"China Plans 220,000 EV Charge Points and 2,351 Battery Switch Stations.  Some people have 5 year plan how to make Electric Cars the strategic industry and to be leaders in Lithium Batteries and Electric Cars. They also have more than 3 trillion dollars in Reserves and can afford Lithium dreams, by the waythey are already controlling 97% of Rare Earths market and moving fast into Lithium Supply space. These people are in China and they are busy now with new and very practical revolution - Industrial one based on Electric Cars. 

  Other people - here, in North America have NO plan and have nothing but Debt and its IOU - called Treasuries - are not interesting any more even for PIMCO - the largest bond fund run by legendary Bill Gross. When FED is busy by printing money and pretending that there is no debasing of US dollar and Inflation - others in China are in a hurry to spend losing value dollars by building reserves in Gold, Copper and now moving in Strategic Commodities Rare Earths and Lithium. If you have noticed - China has reduced production of Rare Earths on environmental grounds now, REE prices has skyrocketed and China will sit on its REE reserves and mine them in a more sustainable way later for themselves.
  China is not alone and all Asian world, including Japan and Korea is busy buying commodities for the 21st century:"
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