Friday, April 29, 2011

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  We have everything you need to know about the Peak Oil in this great video. Revelations from IEA Chief Economist about Crude Oil production Peak in 2006 are groundbreaking. It is not new and was in the latest IEA report, but who reads anything these days? Maybe, YouTube will bring it to the masses.
  If you would like to dig this subject dipper - you are welcome and be our guest on this blog.

"More on Peak Oil. This video will take you out of your box where the energy comes from the wall and price of Oil is driven by speculators today. Fossil fuel era is just a blip in the bigger picture of human history and we are already close to its end."

"We have very interesting findings from Nielsen Energy survey - now most U.S. consumers are ready to buy Electric Cars! We guess that rising gas prices have made all the difference in this change of the sentiment.
  Cruising Electric Cars on our streets do help as well, Nissan Leafs and GM Volts are getting on the roads and making the best EV marketing possible.

"It is coming and every uptick in the Gas prices will bring more supporters to Electric Cars movement, U.S. used to be the land of the Free - now we have a chance to reclaim it from the Oil Lobby. Get off the Oil needle and help others to do so."

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