Sunday, April 10, 2011

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"Now in addition to all reports on Peak Oil situation we have de-facto the admission of Peak Oil from the IMF. Peak Oil theory is moving from conspiracy stage in the headlines with rising Oil and Gas prices. Obama is warning about the coming crisis and even Texas - Oil and Gas "Capital of the World" is installing Electric Cars Charging Networks nowWe have our Catalyst unfolding with Inflation hitting the mainstream headlines, latest warning from Walmart on rising prices will make it inevitable in all the households across the Western world."

   Ford is moving fast with its Electric Cars now and builds connection with its future customers educating them about new technology. It is very important time when first mass produced electric cars are hitting the roads GM Volt and Nissan Leaf.

"Electric Cars will have to fight a lot of myths ignited by the imagination of some oil greased journalists. Nissan Leaf is coming now onto our streets and, finally, being delivered all over the world in numbers. It is a serious piece of Japanese engineering with a lot of attention to the safety, functionality and detail."

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