Sunday, April 10, 2011

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  We have Electric Cars now which are coming on the roads. We have revolutionary developments in Lithium Batteries technology like from DBM Energy to make these cars better than conventional ones on all accounts. We have President Obama and Washington support, but does it mean much without real move on the ground in our communities, when US Inc. is broken already?

  Now we have local and state level initiatives to bring Electric Cars and the solution how to survive Peak Oil transition to the people.

It is very important to note  that Governor Perry is not the biggest fun of Washington, DC, maybe it is the most important message here today - that common sense can survive even in this circumstances and business will make this green mobility revolution happen.

rev logoHosting an electric car charging station tells the world you believe in preserving the environment, and in reducing our country’s dependence on foreign oil and its $25 billion-a-month price tag. It makes you part of a historical shift in the transportation landscape.
Hosting an eVgo network station means you’re partnering with the leader in EV infrastructure. Our unique business models share the cost structure, giving you immediate tax incentive credits, little to no upfront costs and all the benefits of an EV charging station without the inherent risks. Only the eVgo network can let you accomplish all of this with a small monthly membership fee that diminishes over time.
eVgo for Retail Locations
retail store
Show your commitment to the planet and to the growing number of environmentally aware shoppers and set the next trend.

Hosting a station at a retail location
eVgo for Workplace Locations
work place
Create a responsible business environment. Associate with green initiatives and raise your business profile.

Hosting a station at a business location
eVgo for Multifamily Locations
Differentiate your community. Build your image and attract and keep residents interested in an environmentally aware lifestyle.

Hosting a station at a multi-family location
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