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  This is really cool. Range Anxiety is a very big issue and GM Volt has managed to beat it with its range extended version of the electric hybrid.  Next step is to put more advanced lithium battery inside in the next model, maybe Volt Crossover pictured above will feature at least 24 kWh lithium battery instead of just 16 kWh in GM Volt - it can give it more like Nissan Leaf range of about 80 - 100 miles and will prepare GM to competition with Tesla S and Toyota RAV4 EV.

"Secretary Chu Announces New Funding and Partnership with Google to Promote Electric Vehicles. The Electric Cars investment space is getting hotter and big names are beginning to eagerly to pile in. The 5 million investment into the charging infrastructure from U.S. Department Of Energy could sound like a joke compare to China investing billions in Electric Cars or personal investments of some entrepreneurs in Lithium space, but it is one step at a time and names in this initiatives are more important than this amount.
  Once the guys from Google, Facebook and Twitter will move into 
Green Revolution our Lithium story will take off into parabolic rise - they have knowledge, technology and understanding that Electric Cars are the way forward. They will need to drive their kids to the soccer games after all, even after Peak Oil which is happening now. We do not know which one of them will make the next Coca Cola in Electric Cars space, but we will be ready with our Sugar business - Lithium will be needed for all of them.

  We can only dream that Steve Jobs will enter this space with Apple, it is heartening to see Google guys driving Teslas already, they were behind Aptera and now Google is investing in the Wind Farm.
  The ambitious German guys are driving the Lithium dreams with new Lithium Metal Polymer battery; DBM Energy has announced this month new breaking developments and very impressive test results."


Chevy Volt owners average 1,000 miles between fill-ups in March

2011 Chevrolet Volt in front of gas sign

Most 2011 Chevrolet Volt owners only had to make one trip to gas stations in March, according to General Motors. In fact, GM says that the average Volt went 30 days and 1,000 miles between fill-ups. Cristi Landy, Volt marketing director, states that:
Volt owners drove an average of 800 miles between fill-ups since the Volt launched in December, and in March they averaged 1,000 miles. When the majority of miles driven are electrically, gas usage decreases significantly.
Steve Wojtanek, a Volt buyer in Boca Raton, FL, has made it his personal goal to drive as efficiently as possible and is "surprised" by how infrequently his Volt needs to be gassed up. Wojtanek's Volt has more than 3,417 miles on its odometer, with 2,225 of those miles driven under battery power. Similarly, Volt owner Gary Davis of Greenville, SC has piloted his plug-in hybrid for 4,600 miles on a mere 8.4 gallons of gas.

Landy points out that "80 percent of [U.S.] drivers commute fewer than 40 miles a day," which sort ofimplies that some Volt owners may never burn through more than a couple of tanks of gas. On the other hand, owners of the Nissan Leaf or the Tesla Roadster have absolutely no need for gas."
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