Thursday, November 11, 2010

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"GE is up to its word and is ordering 25000 EVs - it is a huge endorsement from this powerful company for Electric Cars mass market. It is the first step and it is the most important one: commercial fleets are providing additional benefits to corporate owners - Eco friendly branding will the obvious one. GE is heavily involved in Electric Cars value chain already and choice to buy GM Volts should not surprise anyone - GE is holding a stake in A123 and A123 supplies batteries to GMVolt."

"Story about Electric Cars is getting out - today we have more from the Nissan Leaf and yesterday it was all about Plug In America PSAs:

"Well done Plug In America - very smart ads in style of MAC vs PC. We was told that more are coming and we hope they will be as good as the first ones.
"What Is Electric Car" trailer. This is the right energy for us. It is not about the money any more - it is about our own right to survive. Bankrupt financial system will not be able to cope with another recession after oil will pass 100 USD per barrel again. Listen to Jeff Rubin and listen carefully, please. Jim Puplava has put a new piece on Peak Oil on his webcast this week as well."

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