Saturday, November 06, 2010

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This is the right energy for us. It is not about the money any more - it is about our own right to survive. Bankrupt financial system will not be able to cope with another recession after oil will pass 100 USD per barrel again. Listen to Jeff Rubin and listen carefully, please. Jim Puplava has put a new piece on Peak Oil on his webcast this week as well.

"Today everybody is exited about REE, tomorrow Peak Oil time will come and Lithium will make the headlines again. During excitement stage it is easy to make the wrong decision and chase the mini bubbles only to see them to pop - do not mistake the mega trends, Next Big Thing and parabolic rises. There is time to buy and time to sell. REE gives us a very good example - what can happen with a very small sector, when the all world depends on it. Peak Oil realisation will be next. With GM Voltand Nissan Leaf on the streets you will see the future - The Future is Electric."

BBC has exceeded today even its own monthly amount of misery in one episode covering electric cars on their, supposed to be bright day, of eco-friendly cars rally from Brighton to London. Now, finally, we have professionals advertising the idea about Electric Cars.

We have made a long way, finally, from total desperation with EVs journey to the market place.

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