Sunday, June 26, 2011

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  GM is very careful on any timing commitment for the pure Electric Car - Beat unlike its more famous by now Chevy Volt will be powered by the lithium battery without any generator on board. GM move into India is very symbolic - those who can tap into that auto market will benefit for the many years to come.
  Electric Cars can be the only solution for urban mobility in India at some stage as it is happening more and more in Chinese cities now. Adoption of Electric Scooters will be driving lithium market demand in the nearest future there.

"We have another one of Lithium Big Four announcing the global price increase for the lithium products. Now we can realize why all major industry insiders were searching and making deals in order to secure Lithium supply. Nobody would like be at the mercy of the Lithium OPEC when Electric Cars will go mainstream in the next five years time. Talking about OPEC - it took IEA to announce the release from Oil Strategic Reserves in order to bring Oil prices down. QE 3.0 has been started with this move - welcome into the Election Cycle."
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