Monday, May 02, 2011

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  GM is still hitting on the Range Anxiety and that the Chevy Volt - "It's More Car Than Electric" to position itself in the competition to all electric Nissan Leaf. We think that they have to spend more time to position Chevy Volt against CE cars - we need more of both and other Electric Cars on our roads very very soon - watch this great video to find out why.
  Another very interesting news in this video is that it is prepared for the South Korean market - is GM going to roll out its international Chevy Volt campaign? So far all electric cars produced by GM and Nissan are bought on spot in U.S. - companies are still delivering to the already existing reservations. New markets penetration and new models of Electric Cars with more powerful lithium batteries can position GM ahead of its competitors and give it a boost with rising global fuel prices.


  "Chevy Volt owners average 1,000 miles between fill-ups in March. This is really cool. Range Anxiety is a very big issue and GM Volt has managed to beat it with its range extended version of the electric hybrid.  Next step is to put more advanced lithium battery inside in the next model, maybe Volt Crossover pictured above will feature at least 24 kWh lithium battery instead of just 16 kWh in GM Volt - it can give it more like Nissan Leaf range of about 80 - 100 miles and will prepare GM to competition with Tesla S and Toyota RAV4 EV.

"Secretary Chu Announces New Funding and Partnership with Google to Promote Electric Vehicles. The Electric Cars investment space is getting hotter and big names are beginning to eagerly to pile in. The 5 million investment into the charging infrastructure from U.S. Department Of Energy could sound like a joke compare to China investing billions in Electric Cars or personal investments of some entrepreneurs in Lithium space, but it is one step at a time and names in this initiatives are more important than this amount.
  Once the guys from Google, Facebook and Twitter will move into 
Green Revolution our Lithium story will take off into parabolic rise - they have knowledge, technology and understanding that Electric Cars are the way forward. They will need to drive their kids to the soccer games after all, even after Peak Oil which is happening now. We do not know which one of them will make the next Coca Cola in Electric Cars space, but we will be ready with our Sugar business - Lithium will be needed for all of them.
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