Saturday, June 25, 2011

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  Electric Cars can not be called boring any more. We are waiting for the much anticipated Tesla Model S to drive the Electric Cars market further. This new concept shows where the Electric Car design thoughts are going: high speed, high performance environmentally friendly vehicle, which will stop our dependence on Oil.
  We are waiting for the Tesla Model X Crossover concept details.

"Electric Cars are getting the serious market force behind them and Tesla has announced Model S reservations in Canada now. Base price of CAD57,400 before incentives is the very high bar to match for any automaker for such a stylish Electric Car and its specifications. Mid 2012 delivery for Canada sounds very promising as well - company is on track to delivery on its promises now."

"A new concept from Telsa.


The Tesla Current Concept is a design study of a futuristic electric tourer designed to travel on ultra high-speed highways. The author is Max Ostap, a graduate from Art Center College of Design.

The Tesla Current Concept is the senior thesis project by Maxim Ostapenko (Max Ostap), a recent graduate from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, Ca.

The futuristic vehicle was inspired by the NASCO corridor project, a proposal of a high-speed highway that would run from Northern Canada to Southern Mexico through the United States.

The Current Concept is designed to travel in the multi-lane highway at very high speeds, for transporting valuables, emergency goods and VIP passengers.

As the author explains, the range of the vehicle could be increased by a series of wireless recharging stations positioned along the highway.

The futuristic design aims at conveying a sense of speed similar to that of the Japanese high-speed bullet trains (Shinkansen trains).

Distinctive exterior design elements include the semi-covered rear wheels and the original surface treatment of the front quarter panels, with the elongated headlight surfaces that extend backwards, forming the side air outtakes and giving shape to rétro-looking fenders.

The rear end, with its prominent trunk lid, contributes to this rétro-futuristic look.

Among the high-speed oriented features are the long wheelbase and the streamlined, aerodynamic body."

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