Friday, June 03, 2011

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  Infrastructure will be very important for the Electric Cars, Fast Charging provides the reasonable solution even now, when actual Fast Charging points are few and far between. In order to endorse the transition to the Electric Cars infrastructure needs to be built and this process is ongoing now. Like with Internet - fiber optic networks built in 90s provide us now with Google, Facebook and Twitters. 

"Lithium Drive: Warren Buffett: "In not many years, you are going to see a clear change towards Electric Cars" Warren Buffett first pronounced in November 2009: "In 20 years, all cars on the road will be electric" Now we can hear his call on Electric Cars from the Master himself. He has invested in BYD - Chinese auto maker and Lithium battery company, which promise to bring its Electric Cars to U.S. BYD has made later investment in Lithium producer in China. We are in a very good company with our Lithium Dreamz."


Video: Dutch duo drives Nissan Leaf 779.2 miles in... 24 hours

Nissan Leaf 24-hour road trip
Nissa Leaf 24-hour road trip – Click above to watch video after the jump

Some say that electric vehicles aren't suitable for long-distance journeys. Some doubt that advanced lithium-ion battery packs can withstand the torture of several Level 3 charges within a single day.

Here's why those naysayers are wrong: a Dutch duo has driven a Nissan Leaf exactly 1,254 kilometers (779.19 miles) in just 24 hours. The team recharged the electric hatch numerous (our guess is at least 10) times using quick-charge stations during the so-called "24 Hour Electric Vehicle Road Trip." The Leaf didn't falter. No overheating battery. No tow trucks needed.

Want to see for yourself? Hit the jump to catch a video of the pair driving the electric Leaf nearly 800 miles in one single day.

[Source: YouTube via All Cars Electric]

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