Sunday, June 26, 2011

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  We would like to share today with you this brilliant documentary. You can not look into the future without understanding the past. History will teach us what to look forward to. The old world order is unsustainable any more - we live in the transition time.
  The new powerful Mega Trend is emerging these days and will lead the new cycle of economic activities world-wide after the financial crisis - Energy transition into the post carbon world. We have a very powerful mega trend in place now: Inflation multiplied by Peak Oil. Strategic commodities - Lithium and Rare Earths - are at the heart of the New Economy. According to James Dines - the original Gold and Rare Earths bug - now is the time to load the trucks.

"We have another one of Lithium Big Four announcing the global price increase for the lithium products. Now we can realize why all major industry insiders were searching and making deals in order to secure Lithium supply. Nobody would like be at the mercy of the Lithium OPEC when Electric Cars will go mainstream in the next five years time. Talking about OPEC - it took IEA to announce the release from Oil Strategic Reserves in order to bring Oil prices down. QE 3.0 has been started with this move - welcome into the Election Cycle. 
  Release was not very dramatic: 60 mln barrels - it is below one day world's oil consumption - but is very symbolic. All the talk about increasing Oil output can not bring the Oil prices down. We will take as a sign of the high Oil prices to stay. Before QE 3.0 will be unleashed to support the diving economy, Inflation fears must be knocked down and we had PPT operation in the Gold and Silver markets again yesterday. General markets were pumped up into the close from the dangerous waterfall zone on the technical side."

"The beauty of Electric Car is that it is the first car which is totally neutral for the environment and is totally free from the Oil dependence...There is no question about the success - the question is only how big the success will be." - Carlos Ghosn.

"Lithium Drive: Warren Buffett: "In not many years, you are going to see a clear change towards Electric Cars" Warren Buffett first pronounced in November 2009: "In 20 years, all cars on the road will be electric" Now we can hear his call on Electric Cars from the Master himself. He has invested in BYD - Chinese auto maker and Lithium battery company, which promise to bring its Electric Cars to U.S. BYD has made later investment in Lithium producer in China. We are in a very good company with our Lithium Dreamz."

"Once the guys from Google, Facebook and Twitter will move into Green Revolution our Lithium story will take off into parabolic rise - they have knowledge, technology and understanding that Electric Cars are the way forward. They will need to drive their kids to the soccer games after all, even after Peak Oil which is happening now. We do not know which one of them will make the next Coca Cola in Electric Cars space, but we will be ready with our Sugar business - Lithium will be needed for all of them."

If you are still surprised that the Ugly Truth about Peak Oil is suppressed for "the common good" - you should really stay with us for a while for your own good."

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