Tuesday, May 03, 2011

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  Fisker Karma is rumping up its promotion campaign - the best news will be the first delivery of this ultimate marketing machine for the Electric Cars market. This car will be turning heads on the streets and can become an important transit vehicle before further advance in Lithium batteries will make the Range Extended Hybrids obsolete. Now it will give a piece of mind against Range Anxiety - you will be able to enjoy its luxury as an Electric Car for everyday commute and still hit the road on your way to Las Vegas. We have the very interesting statistic for Chevy Volt owners with an average drive of 1000 miles between visits to the gas stations.

"We have everything you need to know about the Peak Oil in this great video. Revelations from IEA Chief Economist about Crude Oil production Peak in 2006 are groundbreaking. It is not new and was in the latest IEA report, but who reads anything these days? Maybe, YouTube will bring it to the masses.
  If you would like to dig this subject dipper - you are welcome and be our guest on this blog."

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