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  We have another one of Lithium Big Four announcing the global price increase for the lithium products. Now we can realize why all major industry insiders were searching and making deals in order to secure Lithium supply. Nobody would like be at the mercy of the Lithium OPEC when Electric Cars will go mainstream in the next five years time. Talking about OPEC - it took IEA to announce the release from Oil Strategic Reserves in order to bring Oil prices down. QE 3.0 has been started with this move - welcome into the Election Cycle. 
  Release was not very dramatic: 60 mln barrels - it is below one day world's oil consumption - but is very symbolic. All the talk about increasing Oil output can not bring the Oil prices down. We will take as a sign of the high Oil prices to stay. Before QE 3.0 will be unleashed to support the diving economy, Inflation fears must be knocked down and we had PPT operation in the Gold and Silver markets again yesterday. General markets were pumped up into the close from the dangerous waterfall zone on the technical side.

"Lithium Market: Rockwood’s Lithium Division Announces Global Price IncreasesWe have a very interesting news today from one of the Big Four in Lithium business. Rockwood Lithium increases lithium products prices up to 20% to the level of 2008.  This development is very encouraging for the all lithium industry and particularly Lithium Development plays. Maybe, recession in this sector is over and the Electric Cars and Mobiles sectors growth will be driving demand for the Green metal further.

  Asian players are ahead of the game here and secured the stakes in the promising companies in order to secure supply of Lithium and are considering it as a strategic commodity. 

"International Lithium Corp. (ILC) has appointed Xiaoshen Wang from Ganfeng Lithium as a non-executive director to the ILC boardGanfeng Lithium takes its strategic investment in International Lithium 
very seriously and has appointed its top officer to the ILC Board. Couple of other insiders have announced their stake in International Lithium today. Company is very tightly held: TNR Gold has just under 30%,  Non Executive Chairman Kirill Klip has 11.5%Ganfeng Lithium has 9.9% and two other major TNR Gold shareholders have just under 10% and just under 6% respectively. Almost 70% of the company is held by strong insiders' hands and Ganfeng Lithium has the agreement in place to increase its stake in ILC."

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FMC Lithium Announces Global Price Increases

Press Release Source: FMC Corporation On Thursday June 23, 2011, 4:52 pm EDT
CHARLOTTE, N.C., June 23, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- FMC Lithium announced today that effective July 1, 2011, or as contracts permit, it will increase prices 20 percent for lithium carbonate and between 15 and 25 percent, depending on product grade, for a range of lithium products, including lithium hydroxide, lithium chloride, specialty lithium salts and lithium battery metal.

"This price increase is necessary to support continued investment in our operations as well as to offset cost increases for raw materials, transportation and energy." said Eric Norris, global commercial director for FMC Lithium.

From its headquarters in Charlotte, N.C., FMC Lithium serves markets including battery and energy, air treatment, construction, energy, fine chemicals, glass and ceramics, greases and lubricants, pool-water treatment, and polymers. Information is available at The company may be reached by phone at 888/LITHIUM or 704/426-5300, by fax at 704/426-5370, or by email at

FMC Corporation (NYSE:FMC - News) is a diversified chemical company serving agricultural, industrial and consumer markets globally for more than a century with innovative solutions, applications and quality products. The company employs approximately 5,000 people throughout the world. The company operates its businesses in three segments: Agricultural Products, Specialty Chemicals and Industrial Chemicals.

FMC, the FMC logo and all brand names, company names, service marks, logos and trade dress of FMC or its subsidiaries, affiliates or licensors are registered trademarks of FMC Corporation or its subsidiaries, affiliates or licensors in the United States and other countries."

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