Monday, November 22, 2010

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We are slowly getting there and Electric Cars ( Plug-In Vehicle Tracker What's Coming, When ) are coming from the headlines and on our driveways now. Question will always be open - that we can be all much better off without couple of wars, but with introduced the state-level government plan for the Electrification of all transportation system. If we started in 2000 and skip those wars we can be all on the road in EVs by 2015, maybe - let it stay with those who have made it history now, but lets chose our future by our choice now - Drive Electric

"It is very interesting - now IEA is talking about Peak Oil and that we had the Peak Oil already in the production from conventional sources in 2006 (read: Cheap Oil is gone). The admissions are groundbreaking for Energy Security, Electric Cars mass market and strategic commodities - it is the same magnitude of change as an invitation from the World Bank to discuss Gold standard - the real messages are still muted among different facts, but they are there, in the report from IEA! Unbearable truth must be impossible to hide any more - when will we start to act with the same scale as the problem we are facing in the nearest future?

"Those trashing Obama do know that it could be much worse - we guess that we are even closer to the real revelation of the Energy Short Squeeze, starting with liquid fuels and our politicians are preparing us now for this Oil Shock." 

Another surprise came with an endorsement to the Electric Cars from IEA: "Advanced vehicles will also have to make rapid gains in the coming years-to levels in the upper reaches of what most analysts believe is possible. By 2035, the IEA says that not only will 70 percent of new worldwide vehicle sales will have to come from advance technology plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles, but that that those cars will need to run mostly on electricity generated from nuclear and renewable sources rather than fossil fuels."

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