Friday, November 19, 2010

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Nissan Leaf, with its partner Renault in Europe, GM Volt and Toyota will go into head to head competition stage from 2012 - Nissan Leaf and GM Volt will have now a head start and Toyota has still to confirm its commitment to EVs with its Lithium flirt lately. For our Lithium and REE dreams any competition and push for mass market adoption of Electric Cars from industry majors is welcome by any means.

"Toyota RAV4 EV. For those, who are following evolution in EV space and Lithium market this is a truly ground breaking event. Finally, Toyota is jumping on the Lithium Drivebang wagon and buying time with its Tesla partnership - RAV4 EV looks very solid to us. It is a great proposition to those, who do not like to sacrifice anything in their SUV life style after the Oil Shock.
  Pricing here will make all the difference - this car can become the "mass market EV" for the upper band of the market space. If it can be priced below 50k with range at least 100 miles - it will be a hit. Toyota here is in the right place - its production capacity could provide necessary cost structure advantage and desire to beat the Nissan with its Leaf will drive modest negative margin on the roll out phase. The kicker could be 
Renault battery leasing scheme - Toyota can afford itself to match Renault and provide battery lease for 100-120 USD per month with all trouble about the battery, its pricing and warranty taking out of the consumer decision factors."
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