Friday, December 10, 2010

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  Californians are lucky not only with the weather, but with the Electric Cars as well. They are coming there now and they have an additional State Tax Rebate of 5,000 dollars in plus to Federal Tax Rebate for Electric Cars at 7,500 dollars now. Nissan Leaf will go there for just a little bit more than 20,000 dollars.
  It is interesting to here about actual range for Nissan Leaf in different climates and road conditions. Economics for this reporter was 12 bucks for the week of driving with 80-90 miles range on a charge.
  Today IEA has announced its new forecast for the encreased demand for Oil for the next five years - Nissan Leaf is coming very timely now.

"Catalyst:  All those QE exercises, which we have discussed above, will unleash a very powerful force of Inflation all around the world. The new most powerful trend in 21st century will be the Energy or lack of it to drive the world and its population forward. All recent progress is based on relatively cheap energy available to us for the last one hundred years. The chart above is from the latest groundbreaking revelations of International Energy Agency - it shows to us that we do not have that luxury any more. Cheap oil is gone - according to the IEA - and "Crude Oil: fields yet to be found - is the politically correct way of saying Oil Shortage. We have now Population Growth multiplied by Peak Oil and Inflation, which will push all prices higher.
  "It is very interesting - now IEA is talking about Peak Oil and that we had the Peak Oil already in the production from conventional sources in 2006 (read: Cheap Oil is gone). The admissions are groundbreaking for Energy Security, Electric Cars mass market and strategic commodities - it is the same magnitude of change as an invitation from the World Bank to discuss Gold standard - the real messages are still muted among different facts, but they are there, in the report from IEA! Unbearable truth must be impossible to hide any more - when will we start to act with the same scale as the problem we are facing in the nearest future?"

  If you look at the chart above, you can hardly think that we are on the edge of Deflation and another economic collapse. Even with anemic growth in Developed countries Oil is making new highs after the crisis. It is not about US Corp all the time any more - Asia and emerging countries in general are making its call on the oil markets now.
"IEA World Energy Outlook 2010. It s hard to overstate the growing importance of China in global energy markets. Our preliminary data suggest that China overtook the United States in 2009 to become the world's largest energy user...Prospects for further growth remain strong, given that China;s per-capita consumption level remains low, at only one-third of the OECD average, and that it is the most populous nation on the planet, with more than 1.3 billion people."

"We will not join those who suggest to panic - that time has come in 2008 and is gone already - it is too late to panic. We need to put all resources together and move forward like China is doing now.
  GE with its purchase of 25000 Electric Cars is the first, but very important step in electric cars mass market creation.
  There is a technology available to us to preserve our way of life: 
Electric Cars - any shortcomings like price, range and others, written and posted on every corner by mass media under the light from the Kerosine lamps - will be nothing compare to Oil Shock and the matter of survival with Oil price above 100 USD/barrel again. Technology will deal with a lot of things: battery price, range, safety - Nissan Leaf and GM Volt are already on the streets today! U.S. grid, which needs modernisation by all means, even in its today's state can support recharging of 50 million EVs overnight. Start-Ups like DBM Energy from Germany can move our expectations from Lithium technology further even today - what would you say about 375 mile rage on one charge?"
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