Wednesday, December 01, 2010

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  GM still can not believe that people will buy the Electric Cars - otherwise where from is that number 10000 Volts for the first year? GE is going to buy 12,5000 within next five years and there is a list with people ready to buy. Nissan and Renault partnership are talking about 250,000 EVs in production by 2015, we hope that GM will be moving fast pumping up its production as well now.
"Today first GM Volt is rolling off from the factory line and CNBC is on air from the GM to highlight this event all the day. Peak Oil revelations will bring more and more people to the realisation of the fact that Electric Cars are the way forward now. More than 6000 people test driven Chevy Volt during recent promotion sessions and many thousands more attended Nissan Leaf Test Drives all across the country.

It is the very beginning, but this new trend can be changing our lives very fast - Electric Cars are coming on our drive ways now.
  In this light - of strategic importance of Lithium and REE for the new disruptive technology for the electrification of our transportation system - this transaction shows again that China and other asian countries are again way ahead of any North American corporations in realisation that secure supply of Lithium and REE will be the cornerstone of the post carbon economy.

"How's your math? If you have 240,000 "potential buyers" but only 10,000 vehicles to sell them in the first year, what can you do? If you're General Motos and the item in question is the Chevrolet Volt, then you look for ways to seriously increase the number of Volts you can build (and, of course, sell).

That's exactly what CEO Dan Akerson says his company is trying to do, looking to double or triple production rates of this very important car. The problem, according to GM North America President Mark Reuss, is the bottleneck created by the limited number of battery cells that vendor LG Chem can produce for GM. The current plan is to make around 10,000 in 2011 and 45,000 in 2012. That 2012 number has already been increased from 30,000.

Upping the production numbers is good for GM for another reason. According to Steven Rattner, who was President Obama's former auto bailout chief and worked intimately with GM, "At least in the early years, each Volt would cost around $40,000 to manufacture (development costs not included)." GM won't confirm this number, but increased production will get the company, presumably, better economies of scale and thus lower production costs."
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