Saturday, November 13, 2010

Lithium Drive: Chevy Volt 2011 - CNET and Real World Test Drives, tnr.v, rm.v, lmr.v,, tsla, sqm, fmc, roc, lit, li.v, wlc.v, clq.v, res.v, ree,, nsany, f, gm,, dai, byddf, hev, aone, vlnc

"GE is up to its word and is ordering 25000 EVs - it is a huge endorsement from this powerful company for Electric Cars mass market. It is the first step and it is the most important one: commercial fleets are providing additional benefits to corporate owners - Eco friendly branding will the obvious one. GE is heavily involved in Electric Cars value chain already and choice to buy GM Volts should not surprise anyone - GE is holding a stake in A123 and A123 supplies batteries to GMVolt.
  Now President Obama's target of 1 million Electric Cars on the roads by 2015 could be seen as a very modest one - we need just 40 other corporation like GE to fulfil his dream. Among interested parties are FedeEx, UPS, US Post, Avis, Herts and others."

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