Thursday, November 11, 2010

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"Well done Plug In America - very smart ads in style of MAC vs PC. We was told that more are coming and we hope they will be as good as the first ones.
"What Is Electric Car" trailer. This is the right energy for us. It is not about the money any more - it is about our own right to survive. Bankrupt financial system will not be able to cope with another recession after oil will pass 100 USD per barrel again. Listen to Jeff Rubin and listen carefully, please. Jim Puplava has put a new piece on Peak Oil on his webcast this week as well."

At least something is happening on our home turf in the lithium space - BASF now is very active in Europe - and we are pleased to see the company pushing in North America as well. If our expectations are correct, the wold will become a lot smaller according to Jeff Rubin. Time to market will mean distance to market. Lithium production in Nevada will make a picture even more stable. With time, even more expensive production, but on the home land will make sense during the Resource Grab stage of post QE recovery.

BASF broke ground on what it calls the largest lithium-ion cathode production facility in all of North America. With the aid of a $24.6-million grant from the DOE under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act and the company providing $25-plus million in additional funds, BASF's facility in Elyria, OH will undergo a $50-plus million renovation that will transform it into a li-ion cathode production mega plant.

The plant is scheduled to come online in 2012 and will produce li-ion battery materials for both hybrid and electric vehicles. Frank Bozich, BASF's president of the Catalysts Division, notes that the plant, "will play a key role in making lithium-ion batteries more available" for automakers, adding:
This new facility will put BASF and the state of Ohio at the leading edge of the North American cathode materials market. As the world's leading chemical company, BASF has the ability to make advanced cathode materials widely available as next generation lithium-ion battery production begins to ramp up in facilities throughout the country.
BASF's Elyria plant currently employs 154 workers and the expansion plans call for the addition of 20 more.

[Source: BASF]

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