Sunday, May 27, 2012

Peak Oil - Energy Transition: KUSP Presents an Evening with Amory Lovins

Amory Bloch Lovins is an American physicist, environmental scientist, writer, and Chairman/Chief Scientist of the Rocky Mountain Institute. He has worked in the field of energy policy and related areas for four decades. 
KUSP produced this event on Saturday April 14th, in Carmel Valley. He was interviewed by KUSP's President of the Board of Directors, Kelly O'Brien

Peak Oil Richard Heinberg End Of Cheap Energy Era CCTV News

"Chinese CCTV reports on Peak Oil with Richard Heinberg. Place and timing of this report is very symbolic in light of recent market developments."

Electric Cars: Amory Lovins: Reinventing Fire Talk at The Institute for Energy Efficiency - How To Get Off Oil

Lithium Drive: Reinventing Fire: Transportation‬ - Electric Cars
"Now we have technology to get off Oil - Electric Cars and Lithium Batteries provide us with the opportunity to "Leave The Oil Before It Leaves Us."

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