Thursday, May 17, 2012

Lithium Drive: Electric Cars: Switch to Pure Tour - Volvo V60 Plug In

  Volvo is presenting its vision of Future Green Mobility in Europe launching its V60 Plug In Hybrid.

Lithium Batteries Included: Volvo V60 Plug-In Hybrid: Unboxing Videos

  Swedish automaker Volvo is now owned by Chinese automaker Geely.

Lithium Rush: The Art Of War In The Markets: China Getting Ready For 5 Million Electric Cars by 2020

"China knows too well the real price of Oil. All recent data points out that the spare capacity in Oil production is running dangerously low and any decreased demand from the developed world was immediately substituted by the rising demand from emerging economies."

Oil Shock - There's No Tomorrow.

"This animation deserves to be posted one more time. Post Carbon Institute has produced a brilliant documentary "There Is No Tomorrow", which we highly recommend to watch everybody. You can personally judge our progress now."

Will Apple and Facebook save us all? Yes, If They Will Produce Electric iCars

"With IPO of Facebook in the headlines and Apple testing the limits of the market appetite for  its valuation, we need to put a few things into perspective. We love all Apple Products, recognise the Facebook phenomenon and think that these companies do have resources to really change our world one more time and save us all - literally this time. We will throw Google into the mix as well. These three companies are all experiencing unprecedented growth, market valuations and are literally sitting on piles of cash. They have built teams of the best engineers in the world which are able to solve very fast the most difficult technical problems in the most efficient way. They know how to engage people and communicate very efficiently new ideas."    

Electric Cars: Amory Lovins: Reinventing Fire Talk at The Institute for Energy Efficiency - How To Get Off Oil

 "Now we have technology to get off Oil - Electric Cars and Lithium Batteries provide us with the opportunity to "Leave The Oil Before It Leaves Us."

Clean Air and Electric Cars: Traffic pollution kills 5,000 a year in UK - Exhaust fumes are twice as deadly as roads

"We are talking a lot about the economic benefits of electric cars here, and that they will be the only economically viable solution for our personal  mobility after the Oil Crunch. Unfortunately, there is another side of the oil - nobody is talking enough about, oil kills and not only on the battle fields far away during the "liberation" military occupations, but literally on the streets every day. If this price was seriously accounted among the other considerations about electric cars, we think, that our tipping point for the mass market for electric cars would be already here.
  We all have the right for the Clean Air, but why not on the streets? We do not think that the air quality in Los Angeles is any better than it is in London - all mega cities in the world are killing thousands of their residents by allowing to drive ICE cars slowly day by day."

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