Monday, May 28, 2012

Midas Letter Money with Lomiko Metals LMR.v - Graphite in Quebec

Lomiko Doubles Down on Graphite LMR.v

Lomiko Will Drill to Prove Up a Historic Quebec Graphite Target LMR.v

  "We have more promotion from Lomiko Metals and more colours to the potential of its Graphite project in Canada. Graphite is in the headlines of news letter writers - James Dines has made his pick as well, now the exploration results will separate the pump and the real projects."

Lomiko Outlines 2012 Goals for High Purity, Large Flake Crystalline Graphite Exploration LMR.v

"Apparently, CEO of Lomiko Metals has found the right words to position the company into the "new hot market" - Graphite - at the Toronto conference yesterday. He buys the shares himself and it always helps communication with investors. Now we have more details about the Graphite project and plans for its development to digest."

Venture Capital Radio interviews Lomiko Metal's CEO Paul Gill about Graphite LMR.v

Lomiko to Outline 2012 Drilling Plan for Quatre Milles at Toronto Graphite Conference May 2, 2012 LMR.v

"CEO of Lomiko Metals continues to Buy shares of his company."

Lomiko Metals - Energy Metals: Graphite and Lithium

"Looks like Lomiko Metals has found its new life after it has acquired the Graphite property and engaged in its marketing. Rick Mills has covered the Graphite story recently and we will see who has the goods in the end. So far the stock has a very impressive run from 2 cents to as high as 18. Real exploration program should show the potential of this project."

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