Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Lithium Drive: Press Video: Toyota “RAV4 EV” Powered By Tesla: 100 Mile Range, $49,800

  Toyota RAV4 EV will be the first Electric SUV on the market - we hope that it will be the very successful model and Toyota will take this program more seriously and will increase its production. Now it is time for the market test and whether consumer demand will be driven the fast adoption rate of the Electric Cars.

Lithium Drive: Toyota Has Rolled Out “RAV4 EV” Powered By Tesla: 100 Mile Range, $49,800

"We have one more Electric Car model to chose from! SUV will be the particular market, where Electric Cars can do even better than in the compact sector. It is much easier to integrate the more powerful Lithium Battery pack in a larger car and the entry cost issue will not be so sensitive - almost all SUVs are priced as premium market proposition.
  Now you can chose the safety and utility of SUV, but without the drop of Oil to power it. Tesla Model X will be the next step in this market. We will see very soon how Toyota is really serious about this car."

RAV4 EV – Coming Late Summer

It lets you put lots of cargo in the back. And it lets you put gas stations in the rearview mirror — permanently. It's the RAV4 EV — the electric version of Toyota's phenomenally popular SUV. And it's coming your way soon. Now you can have total versatility, totally emission-free.
  • Real-world driving range of approximately 100 miles (41.8-kWh Lithium-ion battery)
  • Impressive dynamic performance: 0-60 mph acceleration in 7.0 seconds [1]; lower center of gravity for impressive handling
  • Lowest drag coefficient of any SUV in the world [2]
  • Size/utility of a small SUV – no cargo space lost vs. RAV4 (73.0 cu. ft.) [3]
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