Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Electric Cars and Future Of Energy: Imperial College London | Fully Charged

  We have quite a few ways to generate the Energy in the form of Electricity without using any fossil fuels  - Electric Cars allow us to store it and use for transportation. 

Electric Cars: Amory Lovins: Reinventing Fire Talk at The Institute for Energy Efficiency - How To Get Off Oil

Lithium Drive: Reinventing Fire: Transportation‬ - Electric Cars
 "Now we have technology to get off Oil - Electric Cars and Lithium Batteries provide us with the opportunity to "Leave The Oil Before It Leaves Us."

Lithium Rush: The Art Of War In The Markets: China Getting Ready For 5 Million Electric Cars by 2020

"As one very wise and honest  person has put it: "How to stop wars and terrorism? - Stop using Oil." We will paraphrase it here: How to Survive? - Stop using Oil - at least for transportation."
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