Monday, May 07, 2012

Electric Cars: Amory Lovins: Reinventing Fire Talk at The Institute for Energy Efficiency - How To Get Off Oil

Lithium Drive: Reinventing Fire: Transportation‬ - Electric Cars

 "Now we have technology to get off Oil - Electric Cars and Lithium Batteries provide us with the opportunity to "Leave The Oil Before It Leaves Us."

Lithium Rush: The Art Of War In The Markets: China Getting Ready For 5 Million Electric Cars by 2020

"As one very wise and honest  person has put it: "How to stop wars and terrorism? - Stop using Oil." We will paraphrase it here: How to Survive? - Stop using Oil - at least for transportation."

"We have one more Electric Car model to chose from! SUV will be the particular market, where Electric Cars can do even better than in the compact sector. It is much easier to integrate the more powerful Lithium Battery pack in a larger car and the entry cost issue will not be so sensitive - almost all SUVs are priced as premium market proposition.
  Now you can chose the safety and utility of SUV, but without the drop of Oil to power it. Tesla Model X will be the next step in this market. We will see very soon how Toyota is really serious about this car."

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