Thursday, May 03, 2012

Alternative Energy and Electric Cars in UK - National Grid | Fully Charged

  Electricity is here already and its mix is improving with introducing of more natural gas, wind and solar generation. We can bring our Electric Cars out now. Smart Grid will allow to optimise and manage all power generation sources, transmission of electricity and its distribution, including the charging of electric cars.

Peak Oil: The Economist: Feeling Peaky: The Economic Impact of High Prices

"It is the case, when who is telling you - is the most important part in the message. Vested interests would like you to believe that that there is no issues with Oil. If you are still wondering about the rising Gas prices at the pump make some research - we will provide the good start. The Ugly Truth is that there is NO more Cheap Oil left and oil prices will go down only when economy starts chocking again."

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