Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Lithium Drive: Inside Tesla - Making The Model S Electric Car

Lithium Catalyst: Electric Tesla Model S gets June release date and personalization updates

  "Now we can talk about Electric rEVolution for real. Tesla Model S will put the Electric Mobility in perspective: It is The Car, but only better. Welcome to the 21st century of transportation!"

Will Apple and Facebook save us all? Yes, If They Will Produce Electric iCars



  "With IPO of Facebook in the headlines and Apple testing the limits of the market appetite for  its valuation, we need to put a few things into perspective. We love all Apple Products, recognise the Facebook phenomenon and think that these companies do have resources to really change our world one more time and save us all - literally this time. We will throw Google into the mix as well. These three companies are all experiencing unprecedented growth, market valuations and are literally sitting on piles of cash. They have built teams of the best engineers in the world which are able to solve very fast the most difficult technical problems in the most efficient way. They know how to engage people and communicate very efficiently new ideas.     
  They will be all much better of to put all these resources to work and to do it fast - economy will not survive another Oil Shock, which is approaching very fast now. Oil Shock means not only higher Gas prices, but destruction of our societies as it will affect everyone and everything: Food production, Supply Chains, Security and Economy as a whole."

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