Friday, May 11, 2012

Chris Martenson: PEAK OIL: A Fact? Life As We Know It WILL Change

Oil Shock - There's No Tomorrow
"This animation deserves to be posted one more time. Post Carbon Institute has produced a brilliant documentary "There Is No Tomorrow", which we highly recommend to watch everybody. You can personally judge our progress now."

Will Apple and Facebook save us all? Yes, If They Will Produce Electric iCars

The Gold Bug Manifesto By Paul Krugman: End This Depression Now

"All will be fine in this picture of the world - Inflation and rising employment is certainly better and more electable ideas than Deflation and Depression - until the Oil Shock will put economy into free fall again. The Ugly Truth is that the FED is not in charge anymore - Oil price is dictating the economic cycle now."

   We can agree on one, but most important thing - in the optimistic scenario money will be printed in any way, it will be much better if they would not be wasted just to keep "Dead Banks Walking", but invested in Infrastructure including Electrification of Transportation."
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