Monday, September 19, 2011

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  We are not sure about the commercial sucsess of Mitsubishi i in US. This model looks better than Electric "toy car" - Mitsubishi i-Miev which is sold in Japan and Europe now, but still even compare to Nissan Leaf  it is too "urban dedicated" to storm the US market in our opinion. The more Electric Cars will we have to chose from is better for us, but we think the real future tipping point will be with the Electric Cars like "normal cars", but better.
  Renault Fluence and Tesla Model S will provide the new boost to the Electric Cars mass market dreams with the proposition for the family and the luxury part of the market.
  Pricing and further advance of Lithium technology will be crucial for this game changer in the auto market place.

"Lithium drive: German Scientists Plan to Halve The Cost Of Electric Vehicles.  We are monitoring here the story with DBM Energy  - this German start up is talking about  its wonder Lithium battery: Kolibri, which can make this announcement the very low bar to beat. Question is still whether this technology will be commercially proven and on the market in the nearest future. Recently we have found some more confirmations about its potential break through in Lithium batteries performance and cost. As with all technology once the proper funding will be put in place we can expect the rapid technological advance even without the miracles promised by companies like DBM Energy."
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