Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Lithium drive: Future of Electric Vehicles according to Russ Keene of Plug-In Texas ilc.v, tnr.v, czx.v, rm.v, lmr.v, abn.v, asm.v, btt.v, bva.v, bvg.v, epz.v, fst.v, gbn.v, hao.v, jnn.v, ks.v, ktn.v, kxm.v, mgn, mxr.v,, svb, ura.v,,,

  With the honest help and endorsement from the State or without it EV revolution is making its way.

"Lithium drive: World Bank: ditch 50 billion a year fossil fuel subsidies to address climate change  Here we go...50 billion dollars a year towards fossil fuels subsidies with record high oil prices! With these kind of subsidies towards fossil fuels all Electric Cars subsidies look like a drop in the bucket. If we put the real price of Oil based on warsneeded to protect the supplies, the total price we are paying for our Oil addiction will be really staggering. There is a way to end it and make Energy Transition for real - Electric Cars can bring to us today the real freedom in our mobility. 
  Now it has become the geopolitical issue - China is moving fast into new strategic industries based on  New Energy and Electric Cars - Western world does not have the luxury any more to fall behind."

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