Saturday, September 17, 2011

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  Electric Car with the price of below 10k Euro - it is a very ambitious task, but with the idea of leasing the Lithium battery it can be achieved. This kind of approach can jump start the mass market for electric Cars. Renault has pioneered this kind of solution for the high initial cost of electric cars. We have recently driven Electric Fluence and enjoyed this car very much. It is promised to be sold in Europe starting from next year with the price tag of 16k Euro and lease on Lithium battery for the 75 euro per month.

"Renault Fluence ZE : it is just the standard car which happens to be run on Electricity. This marketing move can drive a lot of people towards the electric cars, but pricing will be the most important point for the electric cars to take off in a mass market fashion.

 "The very important message is that Electric Renault Fluence Z.E. price will be the lowest on the market compare to other Electric Cars. You will not own the battery and will have to lease it from the company. It is a smart solution, when warranty and battery's durability is taking out of customer decision process. This battery lease allows to make the pricing lower with monthly payments. Nobody pays for the gas upfront when we are buying ICE cars anyway. Better Place and Renault promised that the price for the Electric Car will be comparable to the Renault Fluence with diesel engine  and your running cost, including battery lease and electricity bills, will be at least the same at these gas price levels."
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