Wednesday, August 31, 2011

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  It is educational time and we have a "soft patch" in Electric Space now, but make no mistake, the powerful  fundamentals are supporting this mega trend - Energy Transition and now we have technology to make it.

"Bernanke has done already everything and will do more just to keep this show running. The only way out is to Inflate the Debt away and debase the currency. This latest Bull Leg in Gold was in all currencies and central banks were buyers themselves. After consolidation we will have the same fundamental picture in place for the Real Store of Value - now we will have the break and another round of reinflation.
  This time we should see Gold Major stocks to reflect the value and Juniors will be next in this value play. With panic going down, stock markets will be moving up again pushing fears about "recession" away (we have never come out of it so far if you account the real Inflation from nominal GDP numbers). Oil will be going up again pushing our Lithium ideas on the investors radar screens.If the time for the Energy Transition will be lost we can hit the real wall with Oil prices above 150 dollars and Debts still at the unsustainable levels.
  Can we be wrong in our vision - by all means, it is only vision - but the latest news from FED which will be reinstated this Friday by Bernanke - about real negative rates for the years to come - will be driving Real assets higher as all these years before. Nothing is growing to the sky and every parabolic move will be ended in consolidation, but Gold and Silver Bulls still have years to go and New Lithium oneis at its very beginning now."

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