Sunday, August 25, 2013

Tekoa Da Silva: A Historic Moment (and launchpad) For The Metals & Miners GLD, GDX, MUX, TNR.v

  Tekoa Da Silva is doing the great job at his website Bull Market Thinking and brings us a lot of very insightful interviews from the best thinkers in the Market. The Call that Gold can retest $1500 within next two weeks will put Gold market solidly back in the Bull Market technically, if it comes true.

Rob McEwen: Gold prices are going up in September MUX, TNR.v, GLD

"Rob McEwen is bullish on Gold and his call about the bottom in the gold market has proven to be right so far. Silver action is particularly important for McEwen Mining now as it provides the very high leverage to its operations.
  Suddenly after all doom and gloom this story is looking very promising again and Shorts has to run to cover. Los Azules copper project can change it  overnight for McEwen Mining and TNR Gold."

Eric Sprott: Gold and Silver Stocks Are In The Bull Market Again GDX, GDXJ, MUX, TNR.v

"Eric Sprott has spell it out for the rest of us: Gold and Silver Stocks Are In The Bull Market Again and Gold to follow.  Eric Sprott calls this market situation as the most spectacular in his investment career. His Gold Bull margins calculations and projections for the share prices for Gold and Silver Stocks make our morning bright today."

Gold Breakout: Jim Sinclair - The three entities that called the $1900 in gold are back long. GLD, SLV, GDX, MUX, TNR.v

"Now we have the full A Team calling for the New Bull Leg in Gold. Summer doll drums time out is officially over. Gold was over 1400 intraday and Silver is over 24 now. Junior miners are exploding to the upside with McEwen Mining pushing 3 dollar mark. Survived Juniors will show this Fall what is called the ten baggers again."

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