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ZeroHedge: "Hello Scotia Mocatta, This Is JPMorgan - We Urgently Need Some Of Your Gold"


  The Great Gold Game of Musical Chairs has begun, ZeroHedge reports on dramatic gold shortages unveiling behind the scenes. We are putting all these pieces of the puzzle together here and the picture is becoming more and more clear - Mother of Shorts Squeeze is coming to the Gold market.

Matt Taibbi: Is JPMorgan Too Big To Chase? Will The Gold Market Manipulation Be Exposed Next?

"Now these Jamie Dimon's cufflinks explain everything. "Brothers" and Gold Manipulation - anyone?"

Currency Markets: The Next Crisis Has Begun

"We would like to share with you today very interesting observations from the currency markets by Toby Connor. Recent volatility in the currency market was exceptional, particularly, when you consider that equity market was moving almost always in one direction - Up. Equity market volatility is at the record low and it looks like the real action now is in the US Dollar camp. Gold will follow this development fuelled by physical shortage as well.
  This concept of "Megaphone Top" in US Dollar is very interesting and we have seen its brutal Bearish resolution in 2008 in equity markets before."

Rick Rule On Gold & Resources: "The Stage Is Set For An Absolutely Dramatic Recovery" TNR.v, MUX

"To make this dramatic and pleasant for Survivors picture come true we need just one thing - Pros with the money coming into the market, without them it will always be only the wishful thinking. We can see them coming now."

Alasdair Macleod: Bullion Banks Still Stuck With Massive Short Gold Position on LBMA.


"Hello Scotia Mocatta, This Is JPMorgan - We Urgently Need Some Of Your Gold"

Yesterday, it was HSBC. Today, the lucky respondent to JPM's polite gold 'procurement' request, is the second "fullest" New York commercial gold vault: Scotia Mocatta.
As ZH reported previously, following the announcement of an imminent withdrawal of 63.5k ounces of its gold (16% of the total), JPM's vault operations team promptly called around and to its disappointment was only able to procure a tiny 6.4k ounces: not nearly enough to preserve the impression that it is well-stocked. We then said, "None of which changes the fact that in a few days, the inventory in JPM's gold vault will drop to another record low of only 380K ounces and the JPM "rescue" pleas from HSBC and other Comex members will become ever louder and more desperate until one day they may just go straight to voicemail."
Today, as we predicted, the calls into HSBC indeed appear to have gone straight to voicemail (perhaps HSBC did not have any more unencumbered gold to share, perhaps it just didn't want to) which left JPM with just one option: go down the list.
Sure enough, as the just released Comex update shows, JPM was forced to receive a "completely unsolicited" handout of some 20.2K ounces from Scotia Mocatta, the vault best known for being situated under 4 WTC during September 11 (and whose current physical vault can be found conveniently within spitting distance of JFK airport).
However, what is notable today unlike yesterday, is that JPM's pleas seem to be getting more shrill: while yesterday HSBC released eligible inventory, today Scotia was forced to hand over registered gold straight into JPM's eligible pile: this is perhaps the first time we have seen this happen laterally between two vaults, without an intermediate warrant detachment step. Furthermore, with HSBC moving 43.4K oz from Registered to Eligible, we would expect either another major Comex withdrawal in the next few days from HSBC, or this is merely HSBC making room for further gold "requests" by JPM.
Either way, assuming that first the HSBC transfer, and now the Scotia Mocatta gold delivery, aren't entirely unsolicited, how long until someone inquires just why it is that the biggest bank by assets is forced to run around town and beg for whatever gold it can get its hands on?
And for those who missed it, here is yesterday's lateral gold move from HSBC to JPM:
So which bank's gold stash will JPM politely plunder tomorrow having already gone through the two top commercial gold vaults? Find out tomorrow: same time, same place.
Source: Comex"

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