Saturday, August 31, 2013

Powered By Lithium: Top 10 Electric Cars 2013 (6 months of sales) LIT, ILC.v, TNR.v, RM.v

  Electric cars are here and now you have different models to chose from. Tesla is leading the electric mobility revolution with Model S. It is not surprising considering the quality of proposition from Elon Musk even with the highest price range. Quite interestingly is Ford's quiet rising in the ranks of electric cars makers: it has gained a significant presence across all its electric models.

Powered by Lithium: Elon Musk: Electric Cars Majority Sold in 10 Years TSLA

"Elon Musk is very bold with his predictions and people should listen now. Every single new Tesla Model S is proving his point. Tesla Model S is driving the electric revolution now and Tesla Gen 3 Model for mass market will be the game changer for electric cars."

Global demand for lithium expected to rise significantly LIT, ILC.v, TNR.v, RM.v

"Euro Pacific Canada has produced the very interesting report Lithium Industry - A Strategic Energy Metal, we can expect now the push of Lithium Investment story into the market place on the back of Tesla Model S success in the market place. International Lithium is mentioned as well with its strategic partner from China Ganfeng Lithium in the report."

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