Monday, August 19, 2013

Peter Schiff: Best Week For Gold - Markets Confirms the "Recovery" is Tapering Before the Fed

  Will tapering bring us right back into the next recession with Oil pushing to the new highs and after that even more QE? Listen to Peter Schiff and after that check out Adam Hamilton observations on relationship between General Markets and GLD.

Adam Hamilton: Gold and GLD Exodus Reversal MUX, TNR.v

  "After this week's fireworks in Gold and Silver market more and more letter writers will be crawling out of the rabbit holes to check out the damage to their reputation on the "ruins of The End of The Gold Bull" pronounced by bubble heads media this spring."

Grant Williams: The End Game - All Physical Gold Goes Into The Strong Hands Now.

"Grant Williams is discussing the events behind the curtain, which created the fireworks in Gold and Silver this week and what to expect next."

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