Saturday, August 03, 2013

Nissan Begins U.S. Assembly of 2013 LEAF Electric Vehicle and Lithium Batteries in U.S.

  Electric Revolution is now happening on U.S. soil for real. In addition to Tesla Motors buzz with high end of the new market, Nissan Leaf is occupying the mass production niche and now will produce Lithium Batteries, Electric Motors and Nissan Leafs at Smyrna, Tenn.

"FRANKLIN, Tenn. -- This week, Nissan will ramp up U.S. assembly of the 2013 model year all-electric LEAF at its manufacturing plant in Smyrna, Tenn., where it will be manufactured alongside the company's gasoline-powered products.

The start of Nissan LEAF assembly in Smyrna comes on the heels of the opening of Nissan's battery plant in an adjacent facility. Nissan is the only automaker that manufactures its own electric vehicle batteries, at the largest lithium-ion automotive battery plant in the U.S."

Lithium Catalyst: Electric Car Sales Have Doubled, Thanks To High Gas Prices

 "Everybody is chasing the general markets these days. We can not agree more with Zero Hedge that everything start to remind the sweet times in 2008 just before the Collapse. We are still at lost how FED can allow tapering with the record number of population on the food stamps, but it is up to them.
  One of the new wonders, which supposed to bring us new riches is the oil shale game. And while we can not argue that some people or even states are making a good money, the rising Oil price is indicating that we are very close the Oil Tightening Cycle. So for the party to go on you need the fundamental shift, which is happening now with Tesla Models S in the headlines, but the more important is the quiet electric revolution happening on our streets now.
  We are revisiting the Lithium opportunities among the beaten into the dust junior miners now."
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