Sunday, August 04, 2013

Alasdair Macleod: Bullion Banks Still Stuck With Massive Short Gold Position on LBMA.

"Alasdair Macleod & Bill Murphy joined The Doc this week for a special episode of the SD Weekly Metals & Markets.
Bill & Alasdair gave an extraordinary interview, and discussed:

1. The cartel's shift to attacking the metals pre-emptively prior to the release of the FOMC/NFP reports to prevent break-outs to the upside.
2. The implications of the spiking 10 year Treasury bond with over $400 Trillion in interest rate swaps held by the major banks- would the banks be able to handle a rise in Treasury rates?
3. 1,300 tons of custodial gold held by the BOE (likely owned by France, Italy, & Spain) likely leased out onto the market over the first half of 2013 were required to prevent a systemic financial collapse in the wake of the Cyprus bail-in due to collapse of confidence in the banking system throughout Europe.
4. Using Austrian Measure for Money Supply, Gold Only Up 40% Since 2000!
5. While the bullion banks have largely covered their gold & silver short COMEX positions, the bullion banks are still stuck with a massive short gold position on the LBMA, and a sudden rise in the price of gold could stimulate a crisis in the physical market in London!"

Alasdair Macleod: "1300 tonnes of gold missing from the Bank of England?" GATA seeks answers.

"Alasdair Macleod talks with Max Keiser from 13.00 about Gold market, GOFO and questions whether "1300 tonnes of gold missing from the Bank of England?" If it is true, this gold was used to suppress the Gold price during the recent Special OP: Gold Wash Out. The record low COMEX Gold is indicating the Bear Squeeze in Gold coming to the market."

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